This page provides a curated list of functions and properties available in the malariagen_data API for data on Anopheles minimus mosquitoes.

To set up the API, use the following code:

import malariagen_data
amin1 = malariagen_data.Amin1()

All the functions below can then be accessed as methods on the amin1 object. E.g., to call the sample_metadata() function, do:

df_samples = amin1.sample_metadata()

For more information about the data and terns of use, please see the MalariaGEN Vector Observatory Asia home page.

Reference genome data access#


genome_sequence(region[, inline_array, chunks])

Access the reference genome sequence.


Access genome feature annotations.

Sample metadata access#


Access sample metadata.

SNP data access#

snp_calls(region[, site_mask, inline_array, ...])

Access SNP sites, site filters and genotype calls.